If for whatever reason you don’t already, share your art!

HBC Share Your Art

It’s the Catalisa!

Put it up on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Deviant Art, or any other sites that you enjoy.

Don’t think your work is good enough yet?


Share it!

Reasons Why You Should Share Your Art

  1. It Shows Skill Progression – Not only to yourself, but to others. They can see how your art developed and at the rate you’re improving.
  2. It Shows Work Ethic – You might have the best work ethic in the world, but if you rarely share your art it gives the appearance of a poor work ethic. However, if you share several new pieces a week or even daily it communicates how hard working you are.
  3. You Can Get Feedback – You can get critiques on your work (solicited and unsolicited lol) to help you improve as well as see if anything you create gets a lot of positive or negative feedback. Plus you never know, maybe something you create will go viral!
  4. You Can Connect With Other Artists – It’s interesting to look at who follows or likes your work, and for whatever reason it’s extra flattering when that person is another artist!  Sometimes they just like a single piece, but other times they love your work and it can lead to meeting new friends or creating new professional relationships.

and most importantly:

5. You Build Your Audience

This is a big reason to share your work. When one first starts putting their stuff online it almost always collects dust at first. No one really sees it or comments or anything.

Pretty discouraging…

But the sooner you share your work, and more frequently you do the better. Eventually, people DO start to see what you’re making and that’s why you want a good amount of work already posted that they can then go back and look through.

If you only have a few pieces, they don’t usually stick around. They see the two or three drawings and in under a minute they’re gone. But if they like your work they’ll stay and look at more and the longer they stick around the more likely they’ll follow you or find a piece that they LOVE.

That’s when you’ve made a fan.

Fans can make the process of creating art far more encouraging. Sometimes they’ll comment or share your stuff. Feels GOOD.

And when they share, they find you more fans!

That’s part of how you eventually reach a tipping point and if you so desire, can start to take the steps of turning art into a career!

That Being Said…

My last bit of advice regarding this is that, personally I don’t like to bother with sites like Deviant Art or anywhere putting work up is overly tedious. I also find that with sites like Deviant Art that it’s hard to get much traction.

I really enjoy Instagram however as you can link a lot of your other accounts to it and post to them all at once.

However, the number of views your work receives isn’t what matters in the end. It’s WHO see’s your work. A hundred people that see it and scroll past aren’t as important as five people who stick around. Ten thousand views might not be worth as much as the one view from an art director that ends up changing your life forever.

So just because I personally do not enjoy putting up work on sites like Deviant Art there still is value in doing so if you are so inclined to do it.