Today I’m going to recommend a book about drawing that I found very insightful years ago that I don’t see mentioned very often.

The Practice & Science of Drawing

The Practice & Science of Drawing

The Practice & Science of Drawing

This book isn’t particularly an instructional book that walks you through step by step. But more of an explanation of the order of learning  to draw and why.

It was written by an English painter named Harold Speed and I originally came across it many years ago at a thrift store and I’m very glad I bought it. It’s the type of book that gives a lot of, “oh, so that’s why!” moments.

I’d say that anyone that’s serious about drawing, I would fully recommend giving this book a read through. Best of all, you can read it for free thanks to Project Gutenberg!

It Can Be Downloaded For Free, HERE.

Normally when reviewing a book I would be inclined to talk a lot more about it. However, you can read it for free! That being so, if you’re interested in having a stronger understanding of art, I’d say go download it right now.

If like me you prefer to read physical copies, it’s fairly inexpensive and you can get it below.