hbcmcreeHowdy partner! Welcome to Hamburger Cat!

We’re a couple of animators and we’re lassoing up only the sweetest of content for your enjoyment. From cartoons to courses, podcasts, merchandise and more! We’ll be here for you! We can’t wait to hear from ya, so give us a holler anytime now, ye’ see! Enjoy your stay at Hamburger Cat folks!

Jake Thomas

My name’s Jake Thomas, though you might recognize me by my username, Empkayin.

I’m a artist that loves drawing funny pictures and helping other artists turn their passion into their profession. Be it honing their drawing skills, learning to monetize their skills, or preparing them to get a job working in the industry.

I’ve drawn comic books, worked on pilots for television, and it’s always exciting to see people I’ve helped show up in the credits of shows. Maybe you’ll become one of them!

Vincent Espinoza

Hi! My name is Vincent Espinoza! Also known as BuffMcKenzie.

The idea of creating images and making them come to life has always been fascinating to me.

Drawing cartoons and tattoos keeps me entertained for hours, and seeing the finished work inspires me to continue producing!